Leading Argentine Maritime Tech Firm and UK-Based Commercial Consultancy Announce Partnership to Expand Market Reach

Partnership Aims to Enhance Operational Efficiency and Safety in Ports, Rivers and Maritime Environments Through Data Rich Technology 

LONDON, UK – June 26, 2024 – Today, Intelligent Waterways Ltd, a UK-based commercial consultancy in the maritime industry announced a strategic partnership with Crux Marine S.A.S, a leading manufacturer of hardware and software for ports and waterways. This collaboration aims to enhance operational efficiency and safety in ports, rivers and other maritime environments.


Through this partnership, Crux Marine and Intelligent Waterways will leverage their combined expertise to deliver innovative software and hardware solutions into a range of maritime settings worldwide.


Crux Marine, renowned for its cutting-edge hardware and software, brings decades of combined experience in maritime and satellite technology, while Intelligent Waterways offers both advisory and commercial execution within the maritime sector.


About Crux Marine S.A.S:

CRUX MARINE is an Argentine company working for and with our clients to implement innovative technological solutions for maritime beaconing and monitoring that allow new standards of safety and operational efficiency. For more information, visit www.crux-marine.com.


About Intelligent Waterways Ltd:

Intelligent Waterways focuses on the commercialisation of aids to navigation and marine domain awareness systems leveraging an extensive distribution network and industry expertise. For more information, visit www.intelligentwaterways.com.


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Andy Mullice

Intelligent Waterways

Email: amullice@intelligentwaterways.com

Website: www.intelligentwaterways.com


Marcelo Fama

Crux Marine

Email: mfama@crux-marine.com

Website: www.crux-marine.com